Stone Consulting – Solving Your Marble Floor Problems

Stone Detective is a Stone Consulting Services company. Our marble and tile floor inspection firm can provide services before and or after an installation. We specialize in surface finish failure and resolving installation problems.  Our services include mediation and restoration, installation specifications, and bid analysis.  We are marble, stone and tile floor restoration experts.

The Stone Detective provides on site review of problem natural stone surface finish work as well as issues that effect the immediate and long term installation performance. Whether it’s a new or historic building’s wall or floor with problems, you can trust in our experience for professional solutions. We handle marble, granite, limestone tile and paver systems. We’re located in South Florida, but have handled stone consulting problems all around the world!

Simply put, our specialty is to get you, what you paid for.  Figuring out what went wrong and why, as well as solutions to the problems that plague so many best intentioned and expensive stone installation projects. Our investigative stone consulting work figures out who was at fault and bears the burden of liability opinion.


Four Marble Floor Tips from your Stone Consulting Expert

  1. If the surface reflection is not right, the job is incomplete. Reflection is the most telling aspect of what you see. All stone has personality. It wants to look a certain way. The mineral and chemical make-up of the stone determines that. If you try to make a stone do something its not meant to do– it is an exercise in futility.
  2. Remember that form follows function. If you install a delicate soft stone because it’s pretty, and you ignore its function you will be disappointed sooner rather than later.
  3. Picking a natural stone because it’s inexpensive is not wise. This is because the associated labor costs are high and you may wind up having to live with your marble floor problems for a long time. The same holds true in your selection of the tile setter – it’s not a good idea to try and cut costs by going with a lesser experienced installer.
  4. Don’t forget that natural stone requires periodic proper maintenance by trained professionals.

Michael Catanzaro, the Stone Detective has over one million square feet of stone consulting experience. Why settle for less? Get the one and only Stone Detective on your case today! Take advantage of our FREE CONSULTATION by giving us a call today at 561-762-1130. If you prefer to fill out our simple contact form, we’ll follow up with you usually within one business day.